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The oxygen consumption level above which aerobic energy production is supplemented by anaerobic mechanisms during exercise,resulting in a sustained increase in lactate concentration and metabolic acidosis. The anaerobic threshold is affected by factors that modify oxygen delivery to the tissues; it is low in patients with heart disease. Methods of measurement include direct measure of lactate concentration,direct measurement of bicarbonate concentration,and gas exchange measurements.


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  1. study of the influence of anaerobic threshold training on roller derby athletes'blood urea
  2. anaerobic threshold training augments the basic fat metabolism you have spent so much time developing
  3. anaerobic threshold, or the point above which muscles start to tire, increased 20 percent among exercisers and 21 percent among dancers
  4. Anaerobic threshold _ AT for short _ is the crux of scientific training.
  5. Zone 0 _ Below 65 percent of anaerobic threshold _ Minimal calorie burn.

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