amplifier meaning

[ 'æmplifaiə ] Pronunciation:   "amplifier" in a sentence
  • Noun: amplifier  'amplu`fIu(r)
    1. Electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it

    Derived forms: amplifiers

    See also: amplify

    Type of: electronic equipment

    Part of: P.A., P.A. system, PA, PA system, public address system, radio, radio receiver, radio set, receiving set, stereo, stereo system, stereophonic system, stereophony, tuner, wireless

    Encyclopedia: Amplifier

  • [Electronics]
    Any device that increases the magnitude of an applied signal. It receives an input signal and delivers a larger output signal that, in addition to its increased amplitude, is a replica of the input signal. Also see CURRENT AMPLIFIER, POWER AMPLIFIER, and VOLTAGE AMPLIFIER.

  • [Engineering]
    "A device capable of increasing the magnitude or power level of a physical quantity, such as an electric current or a hydraulic mechanical force, that is varying with time, without distorting the wave shape of the quantity."

  • [Medicine]
    Electronic devices that increase the strength of an input signal,or apparatus for increasing the magnification of a microscope. (From Dorland,28th ed) n : one that amplifies; specif : an electronic device (as in a computer or sound-reproducing system) for amplifying voltage, current, or power


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  1. the transistor is an amplifier.
  2. it is the equivalent circuit of a triode amplifier circuit.
  3. these amplifiers have long been made with tiny election tubes.
  4. it has separate microphone pickups and amplifiers for each string.
  5. seismic amplifiers are multi-stage and have very high maximum gain.

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