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  • [Medicine]
    An inflammatory process involving the chorion,its fetal blood vessels,the umbilical cord,and the amnion by extension of the inflammation,as the amnion itself has no blood supply. This inflammatory process is potentially fatal to mother and fetus.


  1. Since this MRLS pathogenesis model was first proposed in 2002, other caterpillar-related abortion syndromes have been recognized, most notably equine amnionitis and fetal loss in Australia, and more recently, a long-recognized relationship between pregnant camels eating caterpillars and abortions among the camel pastoralists in the western Sahara.
  2. These infections include brain abscess, oral or dental infections, human or animal bites, aspiration pneumonia and lung abscesses, amnionitis, endometritis, septic abortions, tubo-ovarian abscess, peritonitis and abdominal abscesses following viscus perforation, abscesses in and around the oral and rectal areas, pus-forming necrotizing infections of soft tissue or muscle and postsurgical infections that emerge following procedures on the oral or gastrointestinal tract or female pelvic area.
  3. Female genital tract infections caused by anaerobic bacteria are polymicrobial and include : soft-tissue perineal, vulvar and Bartholin gland abscesses; bacterial vaginosis; endometritis; pyometra; salpingitis; adnexal abscess; tubo-ovarian abscesses; intrauterine contraceptive device-associated infection; pelvic inflammatory disease, which may include pelvic cellulitis and abscess; amnionitis; septic pelvic thrombophlebitis; septic abortion; and postsurgical obstetric and gynecologic infections ., Getting adequate microbiological cultures is essential.

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