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  • [Medicine]
    Percutaneous transabdominal puncture of the uterus during pregnancy to obtain amniotic fluid. It is commonly used for fetal karyotype determination in order to diagnose abnormal fetal conditions.


  1. However, Larson said he had done about 200 amniocenteses in residency in Detroit.
  2. Harrington said company hopes to gain clearance to market the device for detecting a number of other diseases, and said it could offer a non-invasive test for Downs Syndrome-- which currently requires amniocenteses for detection.
  3. In St . Agatha, where the Thibeaults live, the choice for an obstetrician was a young man only two years removed from residency who testified he had performed only about 10 amniocenteses in Caribou before attempting the procedure on Sally Thibeault.
  4. Egan and his coauthors calculated that, in 1997, using the blood test instead of age to determine a woman's risk would have resulted in 154, 756 fewer amniocenteses; identified 1, 556 more Down syndrome fetuses, and caused 773 fewer miscarriages caused by amnio.
  5. If in 1997, the triple screen had been used for all pregnant women regardless of age, Egan and his colleagues estimated that " there would have been 154, 756 fewer amniocenteses, 1, 556 more Down syndrome fetuses detected and 773 fewer procedure-related losses ."

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