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  • Noun: American mink
    1. Usually rich dark brown
      - Mustela vison

    Type of: mink

    Encyclopedia: American mink

  • [Medicine]
    Carnivores of genus Mustela of the family Mustelidae. Although widely trapped for commercial purposes,the fur of the European mink is not as valuable as that of the American mink. At present it is found only in the Soviet Union,Finland,eastern Poland,parts of the Balkans,western France,and northern Spain. The American mink,raised mostly commercially,has been introduced into the Soviet Union,and escaped animals have established populations in Iceland,Ireland,Great Britain,Scandinavia,and Germany. (Walker's Mammals of the World,5th ed,p1111-2)


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  1. Trapping is used to control or eliminate feral American mink populations.
  2. Fur farm escapees such as coypu and American mink have extensive populations.
  3. Diseases spread by the American mink can also account for the decline.
  4. The American mink may pose a threat to poultry.
  5. Other common species are hares, red foxes, stoats and American mink.

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