amebic dysentery meaning

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  • Noun: amebic dysentery
    Usage: N. Amer (=amoebic dysentery)
    1. Inflammation of the intestines caused by Endamoeba histolytica; usually acquired by ingesting food or water contaminated with feces; characterized by severe diarrhea
      - amoebic dysentery

    Derived forms: amebic dysenteries

    Type of: amebiasis [N. Amer], amebiosis [N. Amer], amoebiasis, amoebiosis, dysentery

    Encyclopedia: Amebic dysentery

  • [Medicine]
    DYSENTERY caused by intestinal PROTOZOA infection,chiefly with ENTAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA. This condition may be associated with amebic infection of the LIVER and other distant sites.n : acute human intestinal amebiasis caused by a common ameba of the genus Entamoeba (E. histolytica) and marked by dysentery, griping, and erosion of the intestinal wall


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  1. diagnostic criteria and principles of management of bacillary and amebic dysentery
  2. antibiotics . mainly used in intestinal infection such as bacterial dysentety, amebic dysentery and enteritis etc
  3. But then an individual was misdiagnosed as having amebic dysentery, a parasitic infection.
  4. It is unclear whether the cause was malaria, intestinal bleeding from typhoid, or chronic amebic dysentery.
  5. On November 13, 1948, he died of amebic dysentery, believed to have been contracted while he was stationed in French West Africa in 1943.

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