ambit meaning

Pronunciation:   "ambit" in a sentence
  • Noun: ambit  ambit
    1. An area in which something acts or operates or has power or control
      "the ambit of municipal legislation"
      - scope, range, reach, orbit, compass

    Derived forms: ambits

    Type of: extent

    Encyclopedia: Ambit

  • [Computer]
    <language> Algebraic Manipulation by Identity Translation (also claimed: "Acronym May Be Ignored Totally").

    An early pattern-matching language, developed by C. Christensen of Massachusetts Computer Assocs in 1964, aimed at algebraic manipulation.
  • ambit/s:    [Computer]<lang ...
  • ambit/g:    [Computer]<lang ...
  • ambit/l:    [Computer]<lang ...


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  1. on aesthetic ambit of li bai's cultural personality
  2. on zhuang zi's broad-minded ambit of surpassing life and death
  3. on ethical ambit of financial aid for university poor students
  4. determination of ambit and modus operandi
  5. reporter : is there anything outside the ambit

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