altimetry meaning

Pronunciation:   "altimetry" in a sentence
  • Noun: altimetry  al'timitree
    1. The art of measuring altitudes, or heights

    Derived forms: altimetries

    Encyclopedia: Altimetry

  • [Engineering]
    "The measurement of heights in the atmosphere (altitude), generally by an altimeter."


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  1. application of satellite altimetry technique in marine gravity surveying
  2. problem of piecing together between china mainland-geoid and altimetry-derived geoid in china sea area
  3. satellite altimetry has had a major impact on our knowledge of tides by providing a new method of the sea surface height measurement
  4. this graph, produced using preliminary altimetry data from cassini's radar instrument, shows relative surface heights on titan
  5. 5 . aviation meteorology : altimetry; turbulence; aircraft icing; route and aerodrome forecasts; preparation of aviation weather documents

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