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Noun: Altay Mountains
  1. A mountain range in central Asia that extends a thousand miles from Kazakhstan eastward into western Mongolia and northern China
    - Altai Mountains

Type of: chain, chain of mountains, mountain chain, mountain range, range, range of mountains

Part of: Asia

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  1. By the 15th century the Oirats occupied the Altay Mountains region.
  2. The two sides battled for nine days, ironically, at Altay Mountains.
  3. Germans settled in the Altay mountain area in Russian Asia ( see Mennonite settlements of Altai ).
  4. In Southern Europe, however, it inhabits higher altitudes, being found in the Pyrenees, Carpathians and Altay Mountains.
  5. In fact, an ice-dammed lake in the Altay Mountains had released deluges of comparable scale to the Missoula floods.

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