alpine meaning

Pronunciation:   "alpine" in a sentence
Adjective: alpine  alpIn
  1. Relating to or characteristic of alps
    "alpine sports" 
  2. Living or growing above the timber line
    "alpine flowers"
Noun: alpine  alpIn
  1. An alpine plant
Adjective: Alpine  alpIn
  1. Relating to the Alps and their inhabitants
    "Alpine countries, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Germany"

Derived forms: alpines

See also: alp, Alps, highland, upland

Encyclopedia: Alpine, Indiana Alpine, Colorado Alpine, California Alpine, NJ Alpine, Michigan Alpine, MI Alpine, CA Alpine, AR Alpine, AK Alpine Alpine, Arkansas Alpine, Arizona Alpine, Alaska Alpine, New Jersey Alpine, WA Alpine, Utah Alpine, Ut Alpine, Wyoming Alpine, Washington Alpine, WY Alpine, UT Alpine, Oregon Alpine, Or Alpine, New South Wales Alpine, Texas Alpine, Tennessee Alpine, TX


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  1. he was destined, however, never to see his beloved alpine retreat again.
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