alphorn meaning

Pronunciation:   "alphorn" in a sentence
Noun: alphorn
  1. A curved wooden horn about three feet long, with a cupped mouthpiece and a bell, used by the Swiss to sound the ranz des vaches and other melodies. Its notes are open harmonics of the tube
    - alpenhorn

Derived forms: alphorns

Encyclopedia: Alphorn


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  1. The Stadtkeller caters to those wanting yodeling and alphorn music.
  2. The alphorn is carved from solid softwood, generally spruce but sometimes pine.
  3. Shilkloper has mastered extended techniques for both the French horn and the alphorn.
  4. Arkady rates one of the best of the few existing jazz performers on alphorn.
  5. Alphorn composer Jean Daetwyler died in Sierre.

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