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/al-fonˈsīn or -sin or -zin/
  Of Alphonso X (the Wise), king of Castile, or his planetary tables, completed in 1252


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  1. One day, L�ontine Anuarite took her little sister Nengapeta Alphonsine to register for school.
  2. n�11 : Building where Alphonsine Plessis, better known as Marie Duplessis died in February 1847.
  3. Rocheleau was married twice : to On�sime Sainte-Marie in 1856 and to Alphonsine Morin in 1895.
  4. Although the Alphonsine tables were not very accurate, nothing else was available and so they continued to be used.
  5. In the later years of the constitutional period of the Alphonsine monarchy he was named Prime Minister replacing Antonio Maura.

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