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The buckthorn plant family,of the order Rhamnales,includes some species with edible fruits and some that are medicinal.


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  1. "Alphitonia petriei " is usually found as a small tree around tall.
  2. The genus is endemic to New Caledonia in the Pacific and contains two species that were first described in " Alphitonia ".
  3. "Alphitonia " species are used as food plants by the larva the hepialid moth " Aenetus mirabilis ", which feed only on these trees.
  4. ""'Alphitonia " "'is a genus of arborescent flowering plants comprising about 20 species, constituting part of the buckthorn family ( Rhamnaceae ) of the rosid eudicots.
  5. In Northern Australia, the exotic " B . decumbens " competes with the native tree " Alphitonia petriei " by inhibiting the growth of seedlings, slowing the conversion of abandoned pastureland to natural forest.

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