alpenhorn meaning

Pronunciation:   "alpenhorn" in a sentence
Noun: alpenhorn
  1. A curved wooden horn about three feet long, with a cupped mouthpiece and a bell, used by the Swiss to sound the ranz des vaches and other melodies. Its notes are open harmonics of the tube
    - alphorn

Derived forms: alpenhorns

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  1. The alphorn, or the alpenhorn, is a trumpet-like musical instrument made of wood.
  2. An alpenhorn performance wouldn't have surprised me, nor a cowbell-ringing competition, or even a yodeling concert.
  3. The " trembita " has a timbre that is much brighter than that of the alpenhorn due to its narrow bore and very minor flare.
  4. The list of musical instruments that she since learned to play included : trumpet, piano, organ, harp, vibraharp, cello, Swiss bells and alpenhorn.
  5. At Alpenhorn Bed & AMP; Breakfast in Big Bear Lake, Calif ., and at Quilty's in New York, there's oatmeal creme brulee.

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