alongside meaning

[ əlɔŋ'said ] Pronunciation:   "alongside" in a sentence
Adverb: alongside  u'lóng'sId
  1. Side by side
    - aboard
Preposition: alongside  u'lóng'sId
  1. Next to, at the side of
    - beside

[American idiom]
as compared to a person or a thing. (Informal. The things being compared need not be beside one another.)
Our car looks quite small alongside of theirs.
My power of concentration is quite limited alongside of yours.


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  1. she came alongside and raked him fore and aft.
  2. the two ships lay alongside of each other.
  3. the splendid ship lay alongside the quay.
  4. bowel or omentum may herniate alongside the drain.
  5. the ship lies alongside the wharf.

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