alloxan meaning

Pronunciation:   "alloxan" in a sentence
Noun: alloxan
  1. An oxidation product of uric acid. It is of a pale reddish colour, readily soluble in water or alcohol

Derived forms: alloxans

Encyclopedia: Alloxan

n : a crystalline compound C4H2N2O4 causing diabetes mellitus when injected into experimental animals; also : one of its similarly acting derivatives —called also mesoxalylurea


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  1. effect of alloxan combined with atropine on induction of diabetes mellitus in rodents
  2. influence of qiangyi jiangtang capsule on blood sugar of rat and rabbit caused by alloxan
  3. effects of chromium nicotinate on the content of liver starch of diabetic mice induced by alloxan
  4. effects of tang mai kang capsules on angiopathy and neuropathy in mic e of alloxan-induced diabetes
  5. effect of chromium-rich chinese drug and chromium-rich well water on the biochemical indices of rats with alloxan diabetes

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