alias meaning

[ 'eiliæs ] Pronunciation:   "alias" in a sentence
Noun: alias  eyleeus
  1. A name that has been assumed temporarily
    - assumed name, false name
Adverb: alias  eyleeus
  1. As known or named at another time or place
    "Mr. Smith, alias Mr. Lafayette"
    - a.k.a., also known as

Derived forms: aliases

Type of: name

Encyclopedia: Alias

A label that is an alternate term for items of the same type; a label and several aliases can identify the same data element in a computer program.

A description of a person, especially a criminal defendant, that results from adding to his real name other names by which he is known.

<language> (ALIAS) A machine oriented variant of BLISS. ALIAS was implemented in BCPL for the PDP-9.


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  1. the criminal has several aliases.
  2. gets or sets the associated alias for a certificate
  3. object with the specified alias from the collection
  4. the name is not an official host name or alias
  5. his alias, connections, apartments in europe,

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