alcoholic meaning

[ ˌælkə'hɔ:lik ] Pronunciation:   "alcoholic" in a sentence
Adjective: alcoholic  `alku'hólik
  1. Characteristic of or containing alcohol
    "alcoholic drinks" 
  2. Addicted to alcohol
    "alcoholic expatriates in Paris"
    - alcohol-dependent
Noun: alcoholic  `alku'hólik
  1. A person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
    - alky, dipsomaniac, boozer, lush [N. Amer], soaker, souse, alkie, dipso

Derived forms: alcoholics

See also: addicted, alcohol, dry, hard, intoxicant, intoxicating, spiritous, spirituous, strong, wet

Type of: drunk, drunkard, inebriate, rummy, sot, tosspot, wino

Antonym: nonalcoholic

Encyclopedia: Alcoholic

a : of, relating to, or caused by alcohol ‹alcoholic hepatitis›
b : containing alcohol
2 : affected with alcoholism — al·co·hol·i·cal·ly adv
n : one affected with alcoholism


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  1. mr. collins, i was once an alcoholic.
  2. i like anything alcoholic.
  3. consumption of alcoholic drinks increases the toxic effect.
  4. sparkling wine undergo a second alcoholic fermentation.
  5. have you got any alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products with you?

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