alcoholic fermentation meaning

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  • noun (biology)
      A fermentation in the absence of oxygen in which sugar is converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide

  • [Medicine]
    n : a process in which some sugars (as glucose) are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by the action of various yeasts, molds, or bacteria on carbohydrate materials (as dough or sugar solutions) some of which do not themselves undergo fermentation but can be hydrolyzed into fermentable substances (as in the production of alcohol and alcoholic beverages)


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  1. sparkling wine undergo a second alcoholic fermentation.
  2. an alcoholic fermentation by yeasts is an essential step in the production of raised bread.
  3. alcoholic fermentation in thermo controlled stainless steel vats
  4. during alcoholic fermentation acetaldehyde acts as a hydrogen acceptor instead of oxygen
  5. the alcoholic fermentation process generally takes about 8 or 10 days and then comes maceration

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