alcoholate meaning

Pronunciation:   "alcoholate" in a sentence
n : a crystallizable compound of a substance with alcohol in which the alcohol plays a part analogous to that of water of crystallization


  1. The aluminum alcoholate / alkoxide does not make a tight oxide layer, which is why the corrosion continues.
  2. At 10, 000 ppm water in the E50 experiments by JARI and 3, 500 ppm water in the E20 experiments by TU Darmstadt the alcoholate / alkoxide corrosion stopped.
  3. The �, �-unsaturated hydrazone is brominated by DDH in allylic position at the sulfonamide nitrogen, which constitutes the capto-dative stabilized radical position, and the bromide ion becomes the leaving group in the following nucleophilic attack of an alcoholate ion.

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