airspace meaning

Pronunciation:   "airspace" in a sentence
Noun: airspace  ehrspeys
  1. The space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth
    - air space 
  2. The atmosphere above a nation that is deemed to be under its jurisdiction
    "the plane was refused permission to enter Chinese airspace"

Derived forms: airspaces, air spaces

Type of: air, atmosphere, space

Part of: air, atmosphere

Encyclopedia: Airspace

n. In English law and international law, the ownership of land includes ownership of the airspace above it, by application of the maxim cujus est solum ejus est usque ad coelum (whose is the soil, his it is even to heaven); outer space, however, is not considered to be subject to ownership. In English law an owner has rights in as much of the airspace above his land as is necessary for the ordinary use of his land and the structures on it. Within these limits a projection over one's land (such as a signboard) can be a trespass and pollution of air by one's neighbour can be a nuisance. Pollution of air is also controlled by various statutes. There is no natural right to the free flow of air from neighbouring land, but easements for the flow of air through a defined opening (such as a window or a ventilator) can be acquired. Civil aircraft flying at a reasonable height over land do not commit trespass, but damages can be obtained if material loss or damage is caused to people or property. In international law, national airspace, including airspace above the internal waters and the territorial sea, is under complete and exclusive sovereignty of the subjacent state. As a result, apart from aircraft in distress, any use of national airspace by non-national aircraft requires the official consent of the state concerned. This can be granted unilaterally or more commonly (in respect of commercial flights) through a bilateral treaty, usually on conditions of reciprocity. See TERRITORIAL WATERS.


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  1. an aircraft intruded china 's airspace over ... area for reconnaissance.
  2. air tour helicopter, you are in controlled airspace
  3. there's so many magnetic waves traveling in the airspace
  4. when they are watching all of my airspace
  5. when they are watching all of my airspace

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