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Noun: airplane propeller
Usage: N. Amer (=aeroplane propeller)
  1. A propeller that rotates to push against air
    - airscrew, prop, aeroplane propeller [Brit]

Derived forms: airplane propellers

Type of: propeller, propellor

Part of: propeller plane


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  1. In 1918, Jamestown Corp . formed to make airplane propellers.
  2. The house is shaped like an airplane propeller with three radiating blades.
  3. During World War II, the company manufactured everything from airplane propellers to light sockets.
  4. Most resemble airplane propellers atop steel towers, but there are several hundred that resemble giant eggbeaters.
  5. An airplane propeller was aimed at the audience, causing hats and programs to blow about the hall.

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