airplane maneuver meaning

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Noun: airplane maneuver
Usage: US
  1. A maneuver executed by an aircraft
    - flight maneuver [US], flight manoeuvre [Brit, Cdn], aeroplane manoeuvre [Brit], airplane manoeuvre [Cdn]

Derived forms: airplane maneuvers

Type of: evasive action, maneuver [US], manoeuvre [Brit, Cdn]


  1. He invented the undertaker's drop, a famous airplane maneuver.
  2. Sentman said the atmospheric region where the flashes occur is hard to reach because it's below the orbit of satellites and above altitudes where weather balloons and airplanes maneuver.
  3. In aft-swept designs, when the airplane maneuvers at high load factor the wing loading and geometry twists the wing in such a way as to create washout ( tip twists leading edge down ).

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