agnus dei meaning

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  • Noun: Agnus Dei
    1. A liturgical prayer beginning with these Latin words 
    2. Figure of a lamb; emblematic of Christ
      - Paschal Lamb

    Derived forms: Agnus Deis

    Type of: allegory, emblem, prayer

    Encyclopedia: Agnus Dei

  • [Architecture]

    Any image or representation of a lamb as emblematic of Christ, esp. such a representation with a halo and supporting the banner of the cross.

    agnus dei


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  1. John the Baptist, the son of the priest Agnus Dei.
  2. This is especially noticed in the Benedictus and Agnus Dei.
  3. The other canon occurs in the second section of the Agnus Dei.
  4. The inscription stones on either side of the Agnus Dei are inscriptions.
  5. The song features Agnus Dei, a Christian verse commonly heard in churches.

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