agnus castus meaning

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  • /agˈnəs kasˈtəs/
      A species of Vitex, a verbenaceous tree
      ORIGIN: Gr agnos, the name of the tree, and L castus, a translation of Gr hagnos chaste, with which agnos was confused


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  1. The herb of choice for any pre-menstrual problems is vitex agnus castus.
  2. The herb that would be of benefit would be vitex agnus castus to help balance the hormones.
  3. The researchers tested dried extract of the fruit of Vitex agnus castus, a tree found widely in southern Europe and western Asia.
  4. Vitex agnus castus and dong quai can be mixed in liquid herbal extracts, and would be of benefit together with wild yam.
  5. The herbal remedy which is also very helpful is chastetree ( vitex agnus castus ) which can also be taken in tablet or fluid extract form.

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