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On drawings, abbr. for aggregate.


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  1. liaoning ouri stationery co ., ltd is a student stationary comprehensive enterprise which aggr 俄 gates design, manufacture and sale
  2. The AGGR became an associate member of the WAGGGS in 1993, and received full membership in 2005.
  3. While working towards full membership, the AGGR started a partnership with the Swiss Guide and Scout Movement.
  4. The "'Asociaia Ghidelor i Ghizilor din Rom�nia "'( AGGR ) is the national Guiding organization of Romania.
  5. Many EAEC encode a transcriptional factor named " aggR ( " agg regative R egulator ), part of the AraC family of transcription activators . " AggR " regulates many plasmid, as well chromosomally encoded, virulence factors, that include genes implicated in agregative adherence fimbriae biogenesis and toxin production.

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