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A loan available for local-government authorities, public organizations, etc., from the European Investment Bank.
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  1. student financial assistance agency loans to students
  2. Private donations, public grants and funding, low-interest Industrial Development Agency loans and other revenue sources would provide start-up costs.
  3. A USDA spokesman said the agency has paid more than $ 657 million in fast-track payments to farmers and has forgiven another $ 20 million in Farm Service Agency loans.
  4. The World Bank's 17-year loan consists of an International Bank for Reconstruction and Development loan of $ 30 million and an International Development Agency loan of $ 150 million.
  5. Cost of the debt is 0 % for Govt of India and Delhi government loans, and between 0 . 01 % and 2 . 3 % for Japan International Cooperation Agency loans.

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