agaric meaning

Pronunciation:   "agaric" in a sentence
  • Noun: agaric  agurik
    1. Fungus used in the preparation of punk for fuses
      - Fomes igniarius 
    2. A saprophytic fungus of the order Agaricales having an umbrellalike cap with gills on the underside

    Derived forms: agarics

    Type of: basidiomycete, basidiomycetous fungi, fungus

    Part of: Agaricales, Fomes, genus Fomes, order Agaricales

    Encyclopedia: Agaric

  • [Medicine]
    1 : the dried fruit body of a mushroom (Fomes officinalis syn. Polyporus officinalis) formerly used in the treatment of excessive perspiration (as in the night sweats of tuberculosis) —called also larch agaric
    2 : a fungus of the family Agaricaceae and esp. of the genus Agaricus


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  1. this may be true for many agarics.
  2. primary study on the mycelium cultivation optimization of agarics brunnecens
  3. agaricales ( agarics ) an order of basidiomycetes that contains the mushrooms and toadstools
  4. agarics are common in leaf litter and rotting wood, where they live as saprobes
  5. It is an amino acid found in European fly agaric mushrooms.

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