advantage meaning

[ əd'vɑ:ntidʒ ] Pronunciation:   "advantage" in a sentence
  • Noun: advantage  ud'vãntij
    1. The quality of having a superior or more favourable position
      "the experience gave him the advantage over me"
      - vantage 
    2. (tennis) first point scored after deuce 
    3. Benefit resulting from some event or action
      "it turned out to my advantage"
      - reward
    Verb: advantage  ud'vãntij
    1. Give an advantage to
      "This system advantages the rich"

    Derived forms: advantaging, advantages, advantaged

    See also: advantageous

    Type of: asset, benefit, favor [US], favour [Brit, Cdn], plus, point, prefer, welfare

    Antonym: disadvantage

    Part of: lawn tennis, tennis

    Encyclopedia: Advantage

  • [Business]
    AmE / noun [C,U]



    a thing that helps you to be better or more successful than other people:

    The company found there was no advantage in printing publicity material themselves.

    Familiar brands have an advantage over less well known brands.

    Staff with a good command of a second language are at an advantage.

    Much of our business is becoming Internet-based, which has a lot of cost advantages.

    State aid gave the airline an unfair advantage over its rivals.

    a big/definite/great/huge/tremendous advantage

    ◆ a commercial/cost/an economic/financial/price advantage

    ◆ to be/gain/give (sb)/have an advantage


    a quality of sth that makes it better or more useful:

    Their new sun cream has the added advantage of smelling unattractive to insects.

    Each of these systems has its advantages and disadvantages.


    be/work to your advantage

    to give you an advantage; to change a situation in a way that gives you an advantage:

    Eventually, the new regulations may work to our advantage.

    TAKE, TURN verb

  • [Economics]
    See absolute advantage, and comparative advantage


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  1. mother works economic advantages accrue.
  2. the chinese team enjoyed the height advantage.
  3. other advantages flow from the system.
  4. such action will advantage our cause.
  5. each has both advantages and disadvantages.

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