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    An advance made by a US Federal Bank to smaller banks to satisfy short-term lending needs. The loans may be made for as short a term as 15 days. Adjustment credits are most often used when interest rates are high and money supply is short.


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  1. The World Bank also cut dlrs 71 . 6 million in structural adjustment credits.
  2. The World Bank followed suit and cut dlrs 71 . 6 million in structural adjustment credit.
  3. The discount rate is the rate charged depository institutions when they borrow short-term adjustment credit from their district Federal Reserve Banks.
  4. The governments have provided severance payments to redundant staff, in part through financing provided by the donor community under sectoral and structural adjustment credits.
  5. As a result, the IMF suspended lending for three years, and the World Bank also put a $ 90 million structural adjustment credit on hold.

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