adiabatic demagnetization meaning

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A technique using a magnetic field to keep a substance at a low temperature, sometimes within a fraction of a degree of absolute zero.


  1. adiabatic demagnetization is used.
  2. This is also known by low temperature physicists as " adiabatic demagnetization ".
  3. One variant of adiabatic demagnetization that continues to find substantial research application is nuclear demagnetization refrigeration ( NDR ).
  4. Major advances first appeared in the late 1920s when cooling via adiabatic demagnetization was independently proposed by Peter Debye in 1926 and chemistry Nobel Laureate William F . Giauque in 1927.
  5. The basic operating principle of an adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator ( ADR ) is the use of a strong magnetic field to control the entropy of a sample of material, often called the " refrigerant ".

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