adhocracy meaning

Pronunciation:   "adhocracy" in a sentence
Noun: adhocracy
  1. An organization with little or no structure
    "the choice between bureaucracy and adhocracy represents a common dilemma"; "the need for informational flexibility can lead to adhocracy"

Derived forms: adhocracies

Type of: organisation [Brit], organization

Encyclopedia: Adhocracy

noun [U]

(HR )

a form of management in which groups of people deal with specific projects and urgent problems, rather than with planning for the future of the business as a whole


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  1. :Adhocracy explicitly rejects the concept of having strict policies for starters.
  2. Adhocracy is best suited to short, goal oriented tasks.
  3. There have been a few people who have described it as an adhocracy.
  4. Wikipedia is closer to an adhocracy than any other named decision-making system.
  5. Adhocracy is characterized by an adaptive, creative and flexible integrative behavior based on non-permanence and spontaneity.

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