adenovirus meaning

Pronunciation:   "adenovirus" in a sentence
Noun: adenovirus  `adnow'vIrus
  1. Any of a group of viruses including those that in humans cause upper respiratory infections or infectious pinkeye

Derived forms: adenoviruses

Type of: animal virus

Encyclopedia: Adenovirus

A family of non-enveloped viruses infecting mammals (MASTADENOVIRUS) and birds (AVIADENOVIRUS). Infections may be asymptomatic or result in a variety of diseases. n : any of a group of DNA-containing viruses shaped like a 20-sided polyhedron, orig. identified in human adenoid tissue, causing respiratory diseases (as catarrh), and including some capable of inducing malignant tumors in experimental animals — ad·e·no·vi·ral adj


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  1. adenoviruses are the only enteric viruses that contain a dna core.
  2. laboratory animal-method for examination of mouse adenovirus
  3. typing of enteric adenoviruses in feces of infants with diarrhea
  4. adenovirus and parainfluenza virus are common viruses in the community
  5. adenoviruses are the only enteric viruses that contain a dna core

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