adaptive meaning

[ ə'dæptiv ] Pronunciation:   "adaptive" in a sentence
  • Adjective: adaptive  u'daptiv
    1. Having a capacity for adaptation
      "the adaptive colouring of a chameleon"
      - adaptative

    See also: accommodative, adapt, adaptational, adjustive, reconciling

    Antonym: maladaptive

    Encyclopedia: Adaptive

  • [Medicine]
    adj : capable of, suited to, or contributing to adaptation ‹unfavorable variants would tend to be lost and the adaptive favorable variants preserved —W. H. Camp› — adap·tive·ly adv — adap·tive·ness n


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  1. adaptive strategies may often evolve, such as the biochemical polymorphisms of blood and serum groups.
  2. it has become clear that the distinction between adaptation and adaptive strategies is more or less a question of expediency.
  3. perhaps a key adaptive advantage of the angiosperm is their ability to construct wood with much less expenditure of energy per unit weight.
  4. rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic structures
  5. adaptive beamforming for the multiuser stbc system

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