ad rem meaning

Pronunciation:   "ad rem" in a sentence
  • Adjective: ad rem
    1. (formal) pertinent; relevant


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  1. it was a persuasive ad rem argument
  2. This resulted in a Veinoplus patent ( assigned to Ad Rem Technology ) and to more developments of novel electro-stimulation devices / techniques.
  3. Recension B, which resembles Recension A, is contained in a 17th-century Latin treatise, " Archaeologus in Modum Glossarii ad rem antiquam posteriorem ", written by Henry Spelman in 1626.
  4. The school motto is " " Ad Rem Mox Nox " ", which roughly translates as " Time is short, get to work " or more specifically " Get it done before nightfall ".
  5. Currently, with Ad Rem Technology, Cywinski, continues as Chief Technology Officer, the developments and distribution of Veinoplus stimulators and novel nano-stimulation devices for angiology and sports medicine applications as well as for athletic performance improvement.

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