activity meaning

[ æk'tiviti ] Pronunciation:   "activity" in a sentence
Noun: activity  ak'tivitee
  1. Any specific behaviour
    "they avoided all recreational activity" 
  2. The state of being active
    "his sphere of activity"
    - action, activeness 
  3. An organic process that takes place in the body
    "respiratory activity"
    - bodily process, body process, bodily function 
  4. (chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction
    "catalytic activity" 
  5. A process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)
    "volcanic activity"
    - natural process, natural action, action 
  6. The trait of being active; moving or acting rapidly and energetically
    "the level of activity declines with age"
    - activeness

Derived forms: activities

See also: active, inactive

Type of: act, biological process, capability, capacity, deed, human action, human activity, organic process, physical process, process, state, trait

Antonym: inactivity

Encyclopedia: Activity


In CPM terminology, a task or item of work that must be performed in order to complete a project.

noun (plural activities)

1 [U]

a situation in which sth is happening or a lot of things are being done:

a rise in the level of economic activity

Manufacturing activity fell in March.

Newspapers report a higher level of activity in the foreign exchange markets.

business/commercial/economic activity

construction/industrial/manufacturing/trading activity

◆ to boost/stimulate activity

2 [C, usually pl.]

the things done by an organization or a person, especially in order to make money:

The group's activities include food retailing and travel agencies.

a review of the company's commercial activities

Most people said they spend about 50% of their time online on work activities.

We decided to focus our activities on steel production.

They plan to sell their pharmaceutical activities (= the part of their business involved in these activities).

business/commercial/day-to-day/economic activities

core/non-core activities

◆ to be involved in/engage in/focus on/limit activities


1. A unit, organization, or installation performing a function or mission, e.
, reception center, redistribution center, naval station, naval shipyard.
2. A function, mission, action, or collection of actions.
Also called ACT.
See also establishment.

1. Intensity of, as well as readiness for, oscillation in a piezoelectric crystal.
2. Radioactive intensity.
3. Intensity of thermal agitation.
4. Thermionic emission of electrons.


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  1. all this activity did bring its reward.
  2. this illegal activity was once commonplace.
  3. love is the only reasonable activity of man.
  4. patterns of activity differ between species.
  5. there had been little activity on the street.

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