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Loose-fitting removable orthodontic appliances which redirect the pressures of the facial and masticatory muscles onto the teeth and their supporting structures to produce improvements in tooth arrangements and occlusal relations.


  1. Herren modified the Activator appliance by including clasps on the appliance.
  2. Activator appliance initially started out as one block of acrylic which fit in both maxillary and mandibular arch.
  3. Schwarz modified the original activator appliance by making activator a two part appliance and connecting it with elastic bow.
  4. Myotatic reflex activity with isotonic muscle contraction is stimulated and this loose appliance works with kinetic energy, just like activator appliance.
  5. The double active plate of Schwarz tried to combine the effect of activator appliance and plates by created two separate plates for each arch.

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