actinomycin meaning

Pronunciation:   "actinomycin" in a sentence
Noun: actinomycin
  1. Any of various red antibiotics isolated from soil bacteria

Derived forms: actinomycins

Type of: antibiotic, antibiotic drug

Encyclopedia: Actinomycin

A compound composed of a two CYCLIC PEPTIDES attached to a phenoxazine that is derived from STREPTOMYCES parvullus. It binds to DNA and inhibits RNA synthesis (transcription),with chain elongation more sensitive than initiation,termination,or release. As a result of impaired mRNA production,protein synthesis also declines after dactinomycin therapy. (From AMA Drug Evaluations Annual,1993,p2015) n : any of various red or yellow-red mostly toxic polypeptide antibiotics isolated from soil bacteria (esp. Streptomyces antibioticus); specif : one used to inhibit DNA or RNA synthesis


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  1. Actinomycin is a complex molecule that intercalates DNA and prevents RNA synthesis.
  2. The systematic name of this enzyme class is "'actinomycin lactonohydrolase " '.
  3. Actinomycin-D is believed to produce its cytotoxic effects by binding DNA and inhibiting RNA synthesis.
  4. Actinomycin D and its fluorescent derivative, 7-aminoactinomycin D ( 7-AAD ), are used as stains in microscopy and flow cytometry applications.
  5. Animal studies have shown actinomycin-D is corrosive to skin, irritating to the eyes and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and highly toxic by the oral route.

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