act of faith meaning

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  • [American idiom]
    an act or deed demonstrating religious faith; an act or deed showing trust in someone or something.
    He lit candles in church as an act of faith.
    For him to trust you with his safety was a real act of faith.

  • [American slang]
    n. phr. An act or a deed that shows unquestioning belief in someone or something. It was a real act of faith on Mary's part to entrust her jewelry to her younger sister's care.


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  1. it took a greater act of faith than i was capable of to believe that they would abide willingly by an inconclusive outcome.
  2. they had come this far through successive acts of faith that had enabled them to transcend the vicissitudes of history.
  3. you know auto da fe means act of faith
  4. however, with mutable objects, this is simply an act of faith
  5. it was an act of faith, and even leonide appeared satisfied

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