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Hearing loss due to exposure to explosive loud noise or chronic exposure to sound level greater than 85 dB. The hearing loss is often in the frequency range 4000-6000 hertz.


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  1. a common type of inner ear deafness seen in adults is that due to acoustic trauma.
  2. It reduces the inflammation caused by the acoustic trauma, which would cause subsequent damages to hair cells.
  3. Onset is usually spontaneous and can occur at the time of an acoustic trauma or in the midst of an ear infection.
  4. But so-called acoustic trauma cannot be ruled out since porpoise remains examined by experts were decomposed, the experts wrote in a report for the National Marine Fisheries Service, a monitoring agency.
  5. The suit claims Harmon, who was sitting in the second row, suffered " severe acoustic trauma " and permanent damage to his right ear because the sound system was set up negligently at the band's April 2, 1999 concert.

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