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Noun: acorn tube  eykorn t(y)oob
  1. A small vacuum tube; used at high frequencies

Derived forms: acorn tubes

Type of: electron tube, thermionic tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic valve, tube, vacuum tube


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  1. The acorn tubes found widespread use in radios and radar systems.
  2. The wide-band regenerative receiver used Acorn tubes from RCA, and the receiving antenna had three pairs of dipoles and incorporated lobe switching.
  3. The receiver was super-regenerative, using type 955 and 956 Acorn tubes in the front end and a 9-MHz IF amplifier.
  4. The Airborne Group had been experimenting with microwave systems as early as 1938 after discovering that a suitable arrangement of the acorn tubes could be operated at wavelengths as short as 30 cm.
  5. The prototype had a peak-power of 1 kW, and used a pulse length of 2 to 3 �s with a 10-to 20 kHz PRF . The receiver was a super-heterodyne type using Acorn tubes and a 6 MHz IF stage.

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