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Noun: acorn cup  eykorn kúp
  1. Cup-shaped structure of hardened bracts at the base of an acorn
    - cupule

Derived forms: acorn cups

Type of: cup

Part of: acorn

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  1. The acorn cup is covered with long overlapping scales and russet hairs.
  2. The acorn cups are light grey to almost white, with pointed, overlapping scales, covered with tomentum.
  3. The flowers are catkins, produced in the spring and maturing in about 6 7 months into acorns long and broad, largely enclosed by the cupule ( acorn cup ).
  4. The flowers are catkins, and the fruit are acorns 1 & ndash; 1 . 6 cm long, with series of concentric rings on the outside of the acorn cup.
  5. Although normally distinctive the knopper gall can, under some growth conditions, be mistaken for the acorn cup gall, caused by the gall wasp " Andricus grossulariae ".

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