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Noun: acorn barnacle  'eykorn 'baarnukul
  1. Barnacle that attaches to rocks especially in intertidal zones
    - rock barnacle, Balanus balanoides

Derived forms: acorn barnacles

Type of: barnacle, cirriped, cirripede

Part of: Balanus, genus Balanus

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  1. The acorn barnacle is a moderate-sized barnacle with a diameter of up to.
  2. "' acorn barnacle common on rocky shores in South West England, Ireland, and Southern Europe.
  3. ""'Catolasmus " "'is one of two monotypic Catophragmid acorn barnacle genera recognized in the Northern Hemisphere.
  4. This species is considered to be a relic, as these plates are found only in primitive living lineages of acorn barnacles or in older fossil species.
  5. It is a shallow water acorn barnacle of the Tropical Western Atlantic and Caribbean characterized by small accessory imbricating plates surrounding the base of the shell wall.

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