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  1. A covering spathe, as is usual with Acoraceae, is absent.
  2. Acoraceae has cellular endosperm development while other monocots are helobial.
  3. In the classification system of Dahlgren the Arales were in the superorder Ariflorae ( also called Aranae ), but did not include Acoraceae as a separate family.
  4. Although the family Acoraceae was originally described in 1820, since then " Acorus " has traditionally been included in Araceae in most classification systems, as in the Cronquist system.
  5. Sweet flag, called ShMbu ( �0�0�0�0, փ�� ) in Japanese, is a plant belonging to the family Acoraceae, genus " Acorus ", known for its fragrant roots, rather than its flowers.

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