achievement meaning

[ ə'tʃi:vmənt ] Pronunciation:   "achievement" in a sentence
  • Noun: achievement  u'cheevmunt
    1. The action of accomplishing something
      - accomplishment

    Derived forms: achievements

    See also: achieve

    Type of: action

    Encyclopedia: Achievement

  • [Business]

    1 [C]

    a thing that sb has done successfully, especially using their own effort and skill:

    To keep within the budget was a great achievement.

    2 [U]

    the act or process of achieving sth:

    She felt a great sense of achievement every time she negotiated a deal.

  • [Medicine]
    Success in bringing an effort to the desired end; the degree or level of success attained in some specified area (esp. scholastic) or in general.


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  1. he is carried away by his achievements.
  2. this achievement is surely unprece-dented.
  3. that, of course, was no small achievement.
  4. do n't rest content with past achievements.
  5. we are proud of our achievements.

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