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  • Noun: Acheson process
    1. An industrial process for making graphite by heating a mixture of coke and clay

    Type of: industrial process


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  1. The first light emitting diodes were produced using silicon carbide from the Acheson process.
  2. In the manufacture of synthetic graphite, the Acheson process is run for approximately 20 hours, with currents of 200 MW ).
  3. Silicon carbide was a useful material in jewelry making due to its abrasive properties, and this was the first commercial application of the Acheson process.
  4. In 1893, after Eugene's death, Maybery questioned a presentation that to him indicated the Cowles patents were infringed by the Edward Acheson ( Acheson process ).
  5. Born in Washington, Pennsylvania, he was the inventor of the Acheson process, which is still used to make Silicon carbide ( carborundum ) and later a manufacturer of carborundum and graphite.

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