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Noun: acetic anhydride  u'seetik an'hIdrId
  1. A compound that is needed in order to refine opium into heroin

Derived forms: acetic anhydrides

Type of: anhydride

Encyclopedia: Acetic anhydride

n : a colorless liquid (CH3CO)2O with a pungent odor and lacrimatory and vesicant action that is used esp. in making acetyl derivatives (as aspirin and cellulose acetate)


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  1. this may be readily converted to the anhydrous salt by reaction with a readily hydrolysed material, such as acetic anhydride.
  2. acetic anhydride for industrial use . methods of test
  3. occupational exposure limit for acetic anhydride in the air of workplace
  4. chemical reagent-acetic anhydride
  5. acetic anhydride for industrial use

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