accrual meaning

Pronunciation:   "accrual" in a sentence
  • Noun: accrual  u'krooul
    1. The act of accumulating
      - accumulation, accruement

    Derived forms: accruals

    See also: accrue

    Type of: increase, step-up

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  • [Business]

    (Accounting )

    1 [C,U]

    a gradual increase in an amount of money:

    the accrual of interest

    Maximum pension accrual rates will be reduced from next year.

    2 (also accrued charge, accrued expense, accrued liability) [C]

    an estimated amount of money that a business owes for goods or services that have been supplied to it but for which no request for payment has been received. This amount is recorded in the accounts at the end of the accounting period.


  • [Economics]
    = accrued charge

    An amount incurred as a charge in a given accounting period but not paid by the end of that period, e.g. the last quarter's electricity charge.


    accruals concept.


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  1. accrual-based consolidated accounts of the government
  2. prepare a / p accrual and submit to accounting supervisor
  3. understand how accruals affect the financial statement
  4. policy responsibility for the accrual-based government accounts
  5. pricing deposit product of exchange rate range accrual

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