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  • [Business]
    noun [C]

    (Accounting )

    the regular period of time over which a business prepares a set of financial records; the time between two balance sheets:

    preliminary results for the eight-month accounting period ending 31 December 2005

    At the end of the accounting period the revenue accounts are totalled and the balance transferred to the profit and loss account.


  • [Economics]
    1) The period for which a business prepares its accounts. Internally, management accounts are usually produced either monthly or quarterly. Externally, financial statements are produced for a period of 12 months (interim accounts are often produced for the first six months), although this may vary when a business is set up or ceases or if it changes its accounting year end.


    financial accounting, management accounting.

    2) (chargeable account period) A period in respect of which a corporation tax assessment is raised. It cannot be more than 12 months in length. An accounting period starts when a company begins to trade or immediately after a previous accounting period ends. An accounting period ends at the earliest of:

    ●12 months after the start date,

    ● at the end of the company's period of account,

    ● the start of a winding-up,

    ● on ceasing to be UK resident.

  • [Finance]
    1. In general, the time period reflected by a set of financial statements.


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