accordance meaning

[ ə'kɔ:dəns ] Pronunciation:   "accordance" in a sentence
Noun: accordance  u'kord(u)ns
  1. Concurrence of opinion
    - accord, conformity 
  2. The act of granting rights
    "the accordance to Canada of rights of access"
    - accordance of rights

Derived forms: accordances

See also: accord, accordant

Type of: agreement, gift, giving

Encyclopedia: Accordance

AmE / noun


in accordance with sth (formal)

according to a rule or the way that sb says that sth should be done:

A director must act in accordance with the company's constitution.


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  1. he acted in accordance with his beliefs.
  2. veritable truth is not in accordance with an external.
  3. the scheme has been revised in accordance with the opinions of the masses.
  4. collecting banks are to advise fate in accordance with the following rules.
  5. the arrows are directed in accordance with the previously explained rules.

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